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A website that broadcasts online television is legal in so far as it has adequate broadcasting rights (often official sources therefore). Here a selection of the best free and legal solutions. Most major television channels offer the service through their website (s): example with Direct 8.

Applications and online content

More and more content apps and websites are available for mobile, tablet and computer. You probably already know some of them., Netflix and iTunes and YouTube are among the most popular. The TV channels are slowly becoming new ways of reaching their audience. The V-channel, for example, offers It is neither more nor less the web version of the broadcaster with bonus extra content and live broadcast.

If you like to watch hockey, especially in the playoffs, the NHL website and app offer a subscription to watch all the games, some of them. The Best Free Live TV Apps are also there in more quantities.

A good thing when you’re out looking for content: take a look at the apps available on your smart TVs and streaming devices (Apple TV, Rook, Chrome cast, etc.). These are full of direct links to specialized online content. Movies, concert, video clip, news, sports and more. Some content is even offered in 4K quality.

Smart TV app

Everything is at your fingertips and at very little cost compared to the expensive subscriptions of the cable operators.

What is involved in unsubscribing?

Unsubscribing from your cable TV provider can mean big savings, up to $ 70 a month for some.But since the channels received by the antennas are free, it is certain that you no longer have access to the programs on demand, to record your favorite programs to listen to them later or accelerated.

Forget the specialty channels like Canal Vie, RDS, ARTV, and TVA Sport. You will have to find another alternative to listen to the content broadcast on these channels for example, go through their website or watch live broadcasts.

If you intend to listen to a lot of content online, make sure you have an unlimited Internet package so you can download or listen to HD content without having to pay extra for exceeding the limit of your subscription.

HD digital antennas

There are HD digital indoor and outdoor antennas that allow you to receive free Canadian general channels and some American, depending on the proximity of broadcast antennas.You pay the antenna once, and then you get the channels for free, without subscription.

Indoor HD digital antennas

The indoor antennas connect to your TV using a coaxial cable (the wire with a small metal rod in the middle) and you need to point it to the outside of your home to limit the elements that can block the signal. Near a window, it’s the ideal.