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Public cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox are very useful, but you are never sure if your data is really private. However, you can also set up personal cloud storage yourself. How do you do that?

You install a personal cloud service on your own Mac or Windows PC at home. The files are stored on your own hard disk, but can be uploaded, downloaded and shared via the internet. The disadvantage is that the computer must remain on and online continuously.

Some of the Options


iWV (ICONZ-WEBVISIONS PTE LTD) is a free private cloud service with software for Windows and Mac and mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can use those tools with all files on your computer and you can have files automatically synchronized between all your computers. To be able to access all files on your PC with your iPhone, for example, install the IWV Windows application and the iOSIWV app.

With the desktop application you create an account, after which you receive an e-mail containing a unique URL for your PC (. With that url you can access all your files from another PC from a browser or from the iOS app. You can download and edit documents, view photos and videos, listen to music files,IWV automatically converts the file to a format suitable for your device. You can share up to five folders with others: either public or private (up to five other private users).

To synchronize files between computers, you must install a separate tool on those computers, just like Dropbox. Files that you place in a special synchronization folder are automatically synchronized. With a free IWV account you can synchronize up to 2 GB.


Younity is a free personal cloud service with focus on streaming and sharing photos, music and video. You install the Younity desktop software on all PCs and Macs that you wish to open. All media files on it (and possibly on external hard disks) are indexed. If you then install the Younity app on your iPhone or iPad (unfortunately there is no Android app yet), the metadata of those indexed media files will first be downloaded: this takes a few minutes. Afterwards you can watch / listen to all your media files streaming (or download locally on your smartphone or tablet as well).

You can also ‘voluntarily share’ your files with another user of the Younity app. They can only watch or listen, not download or share further. The file also automatically disappears after seven days (or earlier, if you stop sharing). Photos on one of your home computers can be uploaded directly from the Younity app to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.